Badger Dirt and Septic specializes in all things related to aerobic septic tanks. We offer a full range of septic services. Whether you need your septic system cleaned or inspected or even need to have a brand new septic system installed, we can do all of these things. Badger Dirt and Septic also includes the use and installation of bio-diffuser panels for septic drain fills with most septic installations. These are better for maintaining a more eco-friendly septic system.

Alan Lovelace is a Class II installer and a site evaluator. Call Alan today to get more information about septic inspections, septic installation or septic cleaning. In addition to the wide variety of more traditional dirt and septic services, Badger Dirt and Septic can go even a step further to offer environmental clean-up and perform all types of waste disposal, including site remediation and disposal of contaminated soil using vacuum trucks. Septic maintenance can be a troublesome and lengthy chore, and when not maintained correctly can cause serious damage. Why do it yourself or trust someone who has a limited knowledge? It is better to pay a little to maintain or install correctly the first time, than to replace a neglected system. Call Badger Dirt and Septic and talk to Alan Lovelace about what all they have to offer.

Badger Dirt And Septic is a excavating contractor located in Merkel, TX.